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gear box motor
gear box motor 2
Screw Conveyors:
Wam Screw conveyors are especially designed for cement and flyash with modular construction. Heavy-duty direct drive gearbox, all splined connections, special designed intermediate bearings, and swivel spouts for adjustable inclination.
Motor with Gearbox
Motor with Gearbox
Intermediate Hangar Bearing
Intermediate Hangar Bearing
Trough Screw Conveyor
Trough Screw Conveyor:
Trough type screw conveyors for larger and any varying types of materials.
Swivel inlet or outlet spout
Swivel inlet or outlet spout


We offer ​Midwest ​ loading spouts with dust free loading of trucks, railcars, stock piles and barges.
Open loading and enclosed loading models ​, spout positioners, filter modules, and gates & valves.​

loading spout 1
loading spout 3
loading spout 2
loading spout 4
loading spout 5

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