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Typical Applications

• Bins
• Hoppers
• Turnheads
• Chutes
• Discharges
Benefits of Argonics Liners:

• Incredibly high split-tear resistance
• Extreme wear resistance
• Reduced product adhesion due to low coefficient of friction
• High oil and grease resistance
• Not susceptible to thermal expansion
• Flexibility aids in proper fit
• Elastomeric properties reduce breakage of and damage to the conveyed product
Kryptane urethane sheets are available in standard 4’x8′, 4’x10′, 5’x8′ and 5’x10′ sizes from 1/8″ to 1″ thick.

Sheets can be made in plain, fabric backed, expanded metal backed, solid metal backed, and weldable configurations.

Options for installation include adhesive, welding and a variety of common fasteners. Argonics also offers Kryptane urethane-capped bolts that can be used in conjunction with our universal counterbore tool.

Custom liners are available for quotation, made to the dimensions of your chute, bin or hopper. Our custom liners can save you hours of labor usually spent cutting and fitting sheets in the field.

Kryptane® urethane liners are also available in 4- and 5-foot wide rolls, with lengths of 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet.

Backings available are plain (25′ and 50′) and fabric, with thicknesses from 3/16″ to 1.
abrasion resistant liner
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• Redi-Liner is easy to install and will outlast most any other wear product available today.
• With the option of both solid and ceramic-embedded urethane in one area, the interchangeability makes for an easy solution in your toughest wear spots.
• Quick change-out allows for limited downtime and and easily manages your hot spot repairs.

modular liner
Kryptile Ceramic Liners

Kryptile is the solution for aggressive applications. Kryptile ceramic liners combine the wear resistance of high alumina oxide ceramic with the impact resistance of Kryptane® polyurethane. Kryptile liners are all custom designed to the shape of your chute, bin or hopper, eliminating the need to cut or fit the liners in the field and ensuring a perfect fit every time.

• Kryptile KT is the original ceramic hextile liner. The hextile formation is closely gapped to provide superior sliding abrasion resistance in high fines applications, wet or dry. Kryptile KT is generally not recommended for applications where there is impact; it is for slide abrasion only.

• Kryptile KC works well in virtually all applications. Kryptile KC is available in liners at least 11 4” (32 mm) thick. Kryptile KC is generally recommended for applications with 6” (152mm) minus rock dropping a maximum of 4 feet (1.22 meters).

• Kryptile KS is specifically designed for aggressive applications with high impact and large rock. Kryptile KS is generally recommended for applications with 10” (254mm) minus rock dropping from a maximum of 6 feet (1.83 meters).

• Kryptile KH is our ceramic cube liner. Kryptile KH is available in liners at least 2” (51 mm) thick. Kryptile KH is generally recommended for applications with 15” (381mm) minus rock dropping from a maximum of 8-10+ feet (2.44 – 3.05+ meters).

Ceramic Liner
Modular Liners

Argonics has a variety of options available to line your screen feeder and discharge lips. Simply choose a panel that best fits your application from one of the many options in our full line. Don’t see one that will work for you? We can custom make one that will fit your need.

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Modular Liner 4
Modular Liner 3


Available in: 6" X 12", 12" X 12", and 12" X 24" Panels


Kryptile Ceramic Liners

Custom liners can be used anywhere our standard sheets don’t fit, where weight and size are a concern, or where a long-term solution is needed. Our custom liners save you hours of labor usually spent cutting and fitting sheets in the field.

• Pieces are manufactured to fit precisely together
• Easy to replace one piece at a time
• No wasted material
• No extra labor cutting pieces from standard sheets
• Faster installation
• Extremely fast delivery
• Liners can be solid urethane or ceramic-embedded.

Backing options include plain, fabric backed, expanded metal backed, solid metal backed, and weldable configurations.

Options for installation include adhesive, welding and a variety of common fasteners, including our coated bolts.

Kryptile Ceramic Liners


We have a variety of reliable, long-lasting screen accessories to meet your needs, including:

• Crown bar channel cover
• Coated bolts
• Spray deflectors
• Nut protectors
• J-blocks
• Screen deck shaft tube covers
• Screen spray pipe protectors
• Urethane-lined pipe
• Kryptane® polyurethane is resistant to corrosion, easy to handle and lightweight.

screen deck parts


Concrete Mixer Drum & Blade Liners

The Evolution mixer drum liner features Argonics’ unique Kryptane formula and uses more weld plates along the edges to reduce concrete penetration under the liner. Weld plates are securely anchored in the liner, ensuring a secure liner fit.

Our blade liners are made from the same material as the Evolution liner, so they have the same wear properties and use the same Snap-Tite™ plugs.

Argonics guarantees 100% that Evolution will never delaminate.

Wrap-around Blade Liners

Wrap-around blade liners prevent concrete migration underneath the liner and eliminate the need for steel flat bar edge protection. Available for all major mixer manufacturers’ drums and made with the same Kryptane® polyurethane as the Evolution liner.

mixer drum liner
mixer drum liner 2
mixer drum liner 3


Mixing Paddles and Scrappers

Argonics mixing paddles and scrapers are engineered to retrofit OEM equipment. They attach in a similar fashion to metal blades, so change out is easy. They are manufactured from the same Argonics Kryptane polyurethane formulas that the ready mix industry has come to trust over the past 20 years.

• Superior abrasion resistance
• Lasting durability
• Sound reduction
• Reduced concrete buildup
• Easier wash downs and clean-up
• Strong steel insert embedded
• Shortend lead times
• Custom parts

mixing paddles and scrapers


Charge hopper & Chute liners

Our charge hopper liners feature:

• Weld-in design with Snap-Tite™ polyurethane plugs
• Easy wash downs and clean-up
• Wear-resistant polyurethane reduces downtime

• Argonics’ bibs have precut bolt holes to allow quick replacement
• Superior abrasion resistance means lasting durability
• Custom colors to match your fleet
• Rear and front discharge liners also available

mixer truck parts
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All classifier parts are easy to handle, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and available for a broad range of equipment.

• Shoes
• Downcomer spouts
• Valve seats and seals

classifier parts

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