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Turbo Meter with Butterfly Valve Assembly

The Badger Meter Turbo/Butterfly Valve water batching system is designed to control and measure the water batching process in concrete batch plants, block plants, pre-stress concrete batch plants or wherever there is a need for water batching. Our reliable Industrial Turbine Meter, with either an unscaled pulse transmitter or an electronic scalable transmitter, combined with a solenoid-controlled air operated butterfly valve creates a water batching system that provides accurate and dependable service in all types of batch plant environments. Replace parts - transmitter head, scaler board, impeller, and seals.

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Water Meters with totalizers and Meters with reed-switch pulsers in sizes from 1/2" to 3" for the measurement of both Cold and Hot Water to 194 degrees F.

Meters are Single-Jet and Mulit-Jet impeller meters, the impeller movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to a sealed vacuum register.

ECO-BRASS Lead Free Cold/Hot Multi-Jet Meters
water meter
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Automatic Shut-Off System for Cement Concrete Trucks

With the push of a button, this water-tank filling system starts the water flow to the tank through the hose. When the water level reaches the top of the tank, it contacts the sensor on the fill nozzle, send a signal to the solenoid, and the valve closes automatically.

Aside from the valve there are no moving parts, and components are very rugged due to simplicity of design.

Automatic Shut-Off System for Cement Concrete Trucks
Automatic Shut-Off System for Cement Concrete Trucks 2
Automatic Shut-Off System for Cement Concrete Trucks 3
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AquaControl controls the water dosing in the mixer to give consistent moisture or slump in the final product.

AquaControl touch-screen moisture controller, together with the rugged and accurate AquaMix moisture sensor, gives three different methods of concrete moisture control. This allows you to choose the best, most accurate control method for your plant and product. You will see up to 30% improvement in speed, compared with older resistance-based methods.

moisture controller
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Goulds centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, slurry pumps, process pumps, and radial pumps

water pump
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