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Hose Couplings
Hose Couplings
Material Handling Hoses

Material Handling Hoses

Slurry & Material, Dry Bulk, Hot air Blower Hose, Industrial Vacuum Hose

Hose Products

Hose Products

• Rubber air and water Hose
• General purpose to heavy duty hose

Slump Master G3- Slump Inspection Platform
C & W Manufacturing's Slump Master G3 is desined to offer a safe way to check your concrete's slump, add fiber additives, and wash trucks. The Slump Master G3 follows all OSHA regulations to keep your personnel safe.

The Slump Master G3 provides maximum utility for front- and rear-discharge mixer trucks. Built for harsh environments, the Slump Master has been designed for long-lasting durability while keeping personnel safe.

Features of the Generation 3 Model:
• Lightweight, Compact design - Single weighs 2150 lbs; a Double weighs 2800 lbs
• Can ship LTL Freight (Saia, FedEx Freight, etc)
• ‘Stacks’ on flatbed trucks - (stack 2 high, with minimum order of 4 to balance weight)
• Single and Double Slump Master utilize only 1 tower (Gen II Double had 2 towers)
• Stair treads are made of sand-infused Fiberglass with tapered bars that allow for ‘self-cleaning’ and slip-resistant grit top. Stair runner is constructed of steel.
• Decks are made of meniscus Fibergrate® combining corrsion resistance with strength, long-life, slip-resistance and safety

Slump Inspection Platform
Slump Inspection Platform 2

Sight Glass Tubing - 5/8" OD x 6 Ft. Long and 1/8" Thick tubing for truck water tanks

Sight Glass Tubing
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Tubing Brush - 3/8" x 34" Sight Glass tubing Cleaning Brush

Tubing Brush

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